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Contact: Nino Masucci - Executive Director of Sales

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Research and Development Department

Having our own Research and Development Department (R&D), along with our partner suppliers, we are constantly working on improving the quality of our pavers and masonry units. Our QA Department is directly linked to our R&D Department, and along with the feedback from our customers and suppliers, together as a team, we are producing the best building stone and masonry unit possible. Green production is always being considered and implemented. 

We also take pride in teaching our customers and suppliers about the nature of our business and the environment we find ourselves in. A good example of this is the durability of concrete in our harsh winter months and the application of deicing agents. 

Constantly Working To Improve Our Quality

Designers and builders are demanding consistency in the quality of materials they use to construct buildings, retaining walls, stone cladding, paving stone projects and other systems that use concrete masonry. Consistent manufacturing is enhanced with comprehensive quality assurance testing that includes third party compliance of the product. 

Quality Assurance Laboratory 

GreenShield Concrete Technologies by Newtonbrook is one of the only concrete block and paver producers in Ontario to have established its own Quality Assurance Laboratory (QA). Our QA Manager is certified with McMaster University Centre for Effective Design of Structures, as well as with the World Centre for Concrete Technology (Alpena, Michigan).

Quality control and compliance with specifications for masonry units, building stones, paving stones and retaining wall units relies on materials testing. The quality of the concrete used to manufacture our masonry units and pavers is routinely tested - from aggregates, to the finished products. All testing is in compliance with the ASTM and CSA standards and protocols, leading to a product that surpases CCMPA standards criteria. (