Innovation               ID1 Possible 5 points(

√ Sustainable Purchasing     MRc1Possible 1 point (

√ Construction Waste Management   MRc2 / Possible 1 point (

√ Materials Reuse       MRc3 / Possible 1 point ( 

√ Recycled Content    MRc4 / Possible 2 points( 

​√ Regional Materials   MRc5 / Possible 2 points (

√ Rapidly Renewable Materials      MRc6 / Possible 1 point(

√ Material Multi-Attribute Assessment     MRpc52 / Possible 1 point(

√ Responsible Sourcing Of Raw Materials     MRpc53 / Possible 1 Point (

√ Material Disclosure & Assessment     MRpc61 / Possible 1 point( 

√ Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment  MRpc 63 / Possible 1 point (

√ Material Ingredient Reporting  MRpc 76 / Possible 1 point(

Source: Canada Green Building Council 

What Does LEED Certification Mean and How Important Is It?

You may have heard the term “LEED Certified Building” and understand that LEED has something to do with a level of environmental construction standards. But what does that actually mean and should it be important to you?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and is the most recognized and widely used rating system in the world. It was developed as a global benchmark for green high-performance commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings. LEED offers benchmarking in 5 categories;

Building Design and Construction,
Interior Design and Construction,
Building Operations and Maintenance,
Neighborhood Development, and

Benefits of a LEED certified home.

Contributions To LEED


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