Innovation               ID1 Possible 5 points(

√ Sustainable Purchasing     MRc1Possible 1 point (

√ Construction Waste Management   MRc2 / Possible 1 point (

√ Materials Reuse       MRc3 / Possible 1 point ( 

√ Recycled Content    MRc4 / Possible 2 points( 

​√ Regional Materials   MRc5 / Possible 2 points (

√ Rapidly Renewable Materials      MRc6 / Possible 1 point(

√ Material Multi-Attribute Assessment     MRpc52 / Possible 1 point(

√ Responsible Sourcing Of Raw Materials     MRpc53 / Possible 1 Point (

√ Material Disclosure & Assessment     MRpc61 / Possible 1 point( 

√ Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment  MRpc 63 / Possible 1 point (

√ Material Ingredient Reporting  MRpc 76 / Possible 1 point(

What Does LEED Certification Mean and How Important Is It?

You may have heard the term “LEED Certified Building” and understand that LEED has something to do with a level of environmental construction standards. But what does that actually mean and should it be important to you?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and is the most recognized and widely used rating system in the world. It was developed as a global benchmark for green high-performance commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings. LEED offers benchmarking in 5 categories;

Building Design and Construction,
Interior Design and Construction,
Building Operations and Maintenance,
Neighborhood Development, and

Benefits of a LEED certified home.

Source: Canada Green Building Council 


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