Over 30 years ago, Newtonbrook Block tested the concept of manufacturing a greener, more environmentally friendly product using recycled glass. Unfortunately, back then the technology had not advanced far enough to make it become a reality. Three decades later and after years of research and testing, Newtonbrook proudly presents GreenShield: A concrete technology that greatly reduces the carbon footprint and offers substantially more LEED points to Architects, Builder Developers, Spec Writers and Contractors alike. 

The Ontario Construction Report

"The customer receives a concrete product that helps reduce the carbon footprint and diverts tons of glass from waste."

- The Ontario Construction Report

"The LEED points available through the GreenShield product line is something buyers and developers will find attractive at GreenShield."

Concrete In Aurora".  

- Nino Masucci, Executive Director of Sales, GreenShield Concrete Technologies, A Concrete Block Manufacturer in Aurora. 


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GreenShield Concrete In Aurora. 

Selby Condos Highrise

A concrete technology that greatly reduces the carbon footprint by using recycled glass, while at the same time offering increased LEED points.  


GreenShield Concrete Technologies is a Concrete Block Manufacturer in Aurora. 

Grand Palace Condos

Globe & Mail Centre 

GreenShield Concrete Technologies is a concrete BLOCK manufacturer in Aurora.